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wow 11 years ago
ill be lucky if i ever get another boner now...
aaaaaaaaaaa 12 years ago
nasty guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
fuck 11 years ago
i thought this thing would have blown its brains out by now. and to make matters worse it is with 3 of the ugliest cunts on earth
bahhhhh :s 12 years ago
shit wath is this
Jake 12 years ago
What a hot transguy!
Re:anon 12 years ago
this guy isn't portugese -.-'
wth 12 years ago
whats wrong with people jeez ,
T.V 12 years ago
I seen this person on TV.
They're a F 2 M transsexual. Pretty rare thing to see, and not my bag lol
dude 12 years ago
this guys fucking huge hahaha
Woot! 12 years ago
I say good for him, everyone that is making fun of him grow the hell up, I applaude him for being different.